Error: "The binary cannot be registered. ..." pops up

Hi friends,

Now, the error:

“The binary cannot be registered. You do not have permission to register an application to the Watch faces category.”

appears, if trying to upload a new Watchface.

What can be reason for?

I am a seller since 2016, have my “author.p12” and “distributor.p12” in the folder “Keystore”.
Tried everything, but all the time, this error pops up.

It is really difficult, to handle the Samsung-Store, as it seems to me.

Kind regards

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The number of watch face designers has had a huge growth in the past two years with many new designers were just submitting the same basic watch with a different background or copying other watch designers. Things had to change and a decision was made to close the ecosystem. This has proceeded over the past 8 months in a slow deliberate manner that allowed all leeway possible.

Some accounts were closed because sellers did not agree to the new ecosystem in October. Others were closed because part of that agreement was to publish new content.
Those that passed both those were sent an email to the address on record that had to be signed and returned.

An important clause in the new pledge has to do with each watch designer accepting legal responsibility for plagiarism and IP infringement.

You can still create Watch Apps or Android apps the seller account was not closed. The watch faces you have in the store are available for re-downloading by previous buyers but they are not available for new sales. You can use GWD/GWS for personal use but you can not upload them to the store.

You can apply for an exception at the seller support 1:1 Enquiry but they are pretty firm.

Ron Liechty
Samsung Developer Program

Hello Ron,

thank you for your comment.
I’m a little surprised at your answer. But Samsung also told me the same thing about my question.
That I supposedly hadn’t replied to this email.
But I really don’t remember having received such an email from Samsung to accept the new rules and restrictions.

Up to last year I have uploaded almost 20 WFs - all created entirely from my own pictures, with new designs and my own ideas (sometimes even with functions that no other author offers).
Will say - all unique Watchfaces.
As an independent software developer, I never violate the rights of others, because I know how much a developer suffers from pirated copies.

If I understand you correctly, you say I never may upload my new WFs to the seller store again? Right?
That sounds bad and sad.
It is not because the (low) income from the watch faces, but the satisfaction of making other watch owners happy with my WFs.

Really hard to understand that a longtime member may no longer be allowed to publish his WFs without ever doing anything wrong.

Well, I will ask Samsung to activate my account again.

I’m sorry to say that - but if Samsung’s decision to actually exclude me from publishing my WFs persists, I’ll throw my three Samsung watches in the trash and buy watches from a company that does my job appreciate.
Because that would be an etiquette that hurts my pride and honor.
Comparable to being put in prison without committing a crime or even doing anything wrong.
And I think, I am not the only one, who feels this way.

Just look at my latest WF.
A fully functioning tellurium - I think no other developer offers such a thing.

Or another WF by me: Tellurium and exact displaying of Sunset/Sunrise:

Such WFs can’t be developed one all three month at all.

Kind regards


Btw. Samsung has answered:

“…You can reapply to gain watch face permission by applying for new Galaxy Watch designer. …”

Unfortunately, I don’t understand, what this is meaning.
And also not, how to applying a new Designer.
Could you help me with this and give me a short instruction therefor, please?

Kind regards


Hi Hubert,

You can re-apply in August, I’m aware of your work and know it is both unique and well crafted. You may have a good shot at being selected. One of the reason that it won’t be open until August is to create an infrastructure to accept applications that includes what is needed and what will be rejected. You can see the instructions for the October requirement for review HERE but this should be much improved by August.

You may want to consider using one of the 3rd party watch design tools.

Samsung Developer Program

Hello Ron,

Thank you for your kind and comprehensive answer.

First of all, I want to apologize for my harsh words - but like all Bavarian citizens, I am very sensitive when I feel attacked in my honor or pride.

Your answer gives hope that private authors will continue to have the chance to bring their watch faces again into the store.

But - as I have already written - most private designer accounts will be removed at the latest three months after the store reopens if they do not have the free time to develop and publish a new, innovative and unique watch face every three months.

Like many other developers, I don’t have as much free time to meet the new requirements. At least in addition to my independence as a software developer.
I am also not Mr. Einstein and I have ideas for constructing four or more unique dials per year. :smile:
If I have an idea for a new watch face, it will certainly take longer than the required three months to develop this idea until the finished watch face due to my limited free time.

To meet Samsung’s new requirements, I would have to separate from my wife and children and quit my job and all my friends.
But I fear that my family would very much reject this. :innocent:

So I don’t just speak for myself if I say that if my developer account really will be reactivated by Samsung in August, it would actually mean that my account will be canceled by Samsung in November.

Therefore, I would really like to ask you to encourage Samsung for extending the time required to develop new dials to at least one dial per year.
This time extension would certainly not lead to a loss of quality of the dials - on the contrary, it would not suppress the really good ideas and their publication by hobby-authors.

With the actual rules, the development of watch faces will increasingly be limited to watch faces from companies that do nothing but develop watch faces as a mass product.
And the certainly great ideas from hobby developers who live a life next to Samsung would then no longer have a chance of ever being available in the shop.

I am currently learning a new programming language for my job - but maybe afterwards I will really deal with Tizen-Studio or another design tool that has a little more functions than GWS.
Although I have been able to develop almost every idea and formula with the GWS.
But I really have some Ideas for complicated WF, that are not able to create with GWS.

However, this would only make sense if my account won’t be deleted by Samsung after a short time due to inactivity. Otherwise, the time will be wasted learning another design tool.

Kind regards


Hi Hubert,

I understand all you are saying and it is obvious that Samsung is looking for a more professional based group of designers.
However, I think the 3 month requirement might lead to poor quality designs just to meet the requirement and will contact the review team. I’ve worked with them over the past several months and know they will consider all options.

Samsung Developer Program

Hi Ron,

Thanks for ya reply.

Yep - you said exactly what I tried to explain.

Samsung will get a lot of non-quality WFs generated with that selection of authors, if requires 4 WFs each developer a year.

But this is not the way, how I’m developing my apps and programs - and also I truly won’t start with.

Same as I surely not will start in my business to increase only the version-numbers of my programs and publish them as a update as a lot of other software-developers do - just for getting a higher search-ranking at Google because the fiction of actuality (newer date of program).
Unfortunately that’s the only way to get a high ranking at google - that’s also wrong way in my opinion.

But Samsung is on the way to playing the same game - not inspiration and perfectionism but quantity.
I think, that’s the wrong way at all.
Because it results exactly that what I think Samsung tries to prohibit wit the new rules ans restrictions.

Better Samsung will move around and let hobby-devs free, how often they will upload really nice and high quality new WFs.
And surely the most of developers here will think same like me.

Kind regards