Using Conditional Lines With GIF Animation

Hey ALL!

I have a couple of questions:

  1. I’ve been working on a Flip Watch Face compiling each digit (9/0, 0/1, 1/2, you get the idea). I guess I’m not understanding how to use either the trigger for animated media, or making the objects “flip” to the next digit in Conditional Lines. Can I get a better understanding of either?
    Or, can Tag Expressions be used instead?


  1. I also tried using the Tap method to change media to “erase” a cover to reveal more events, and digital complications. The top media has a digital clock on it, and I want to “erase” all of the objects on the top including the running digital clock. The Tap feature will only do this for regular images and not running time, or animated media. Or is there a way to do this?

OC_383_WEYLAND YUTANI CORP_001_20240601_18322673

OC_383_WEYLAND YUTANI CORP_001_20240601_18340507



Could you please share what type of issues you are facing?