Want to make seconds, minutes, hours with flipclock GIFs

Hey ALL.
I started working on a Flipclock face using GIF animation for seconds, minutes, hours. What I need help with is making the GIFs either a font of some kind (I tried using as BMPfont type), or some other way. I’m just needing help.

Flip.zip (583.9 KB)

I wanted to see what files you were using but the zip folder says it empty.

Got the files now didn’t download correct 1st time.

Are you looking to make them flip down to show the next number?

Yeah. Lemme upload a different zip file. It would not let me upload 7zip.

This should be a better file. Had to download WinZip for true zip file.

Thanks for looking at this.


Filpclock0-9.zip (714.4 KB)

I was also wondering how to use the new conditional lines feature. The tutorial looks the same as the one for GWD.