Using the buzel in Unity

Hello! I want to creat a game for galaxy watch which uses buzel. I use unity, but i don’t know how to get buzel data:/

I never used unity and I dont know anything about it, but in case it helps:

On regular application bezel data is retrieved using “onGenericMotionEvent”.

the following dependency is required:

compileOnly ''

a sample code for the “onGenericMotionEvent”

if(event.getAction() == MotionEvent.ACTION_SCROLL && RotaryEncoderHelper.isFromRotaryEncoder(event)) {
    RotaryEncoderHelper.getRotaryAxisValue(event); //If I'm not wrong 1 is CW and -1 CCW

I recommend for you to ask this question on stackoverflow, even though dev community for wear os is “weak”

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Thanks! I’ve been dealing with writing plugins for unity on java all day and finally everything worked!

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