UTC_TS clock help please

I know it is not Necessary . But as an example I am looking at a UTC clock . This runs fine in creator but updates 90 seconds or so . The [UTC_TS] seems to run Fine . Is there something wrong with this Formula for the seconds .


I guess it should be more like this (floor((([UTC_TS])/1000)%60))

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Ha Ha Peter . Always there for us . That was my formula I posted not the seconds . Still will not run as a seconds or minute tick on my Watch .

How does the [UTC_TS] show if you put it on face directly as a text?

Wait, did you want a formula for second hand rotation? (6*floor((([UTC_TS])/1000)%60))
How are seconds in any time zone (including UTC) different from local ones?

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Thanks for staying with this Peter .yes it is more of an exersize really .I am more intrested in the Minutes actualy I flagged up the seconds as an example . Both are updating about every 75 seconds . I am using the UTC to scrooll the map of the Earth to show day light Hours . HaHa . I just wondered if ther was something wrong with the Maths .