Version 1.3.12 bitmap problem

I applied a date with a bitmap as usual, but now the date does not appear on my watch and the date appears in watchface studio, but when I load it on the watch, the date does not appear.

What settings and which tags did you use for the date

Set a default language.


Use the [MON] tag to apply bitmap fonts to numbers.

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Lets clear this up a bit both Matteo and Isaacok0919 are semi correct.

Bitmap mappings have to match exactly or they don’t show up.

[MON_S] is the three character Month and what you see for the Bitmap mappings’ Other Set
And you have to use English for your language and not sync with device or the Months will not match exactly.

[MON_F] is the full month (look at the text above that field and it shows October not Oct.

and Isaac is right [MON] is the number but it only works up to 10 so you’d need to create a 1 - 12 strings in the bitmap custom settings.

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