Verticla digital clock/time

Is there a way to create a digital clock so that the hours and minutes are vertica/ side-by-side (with a line between), as appossed to the hours above the minutes?

For example, say the time is 13:45, can you go from…

13 - h
45 - m

to this…

Does that make sense?


Yes it can be done.
I suggest to find font with glyphs turned 90° to left, or prepare your own bitmap font with separate glyph images oriented like that.
Then use it on a two separate time elements, one for hours , other for minutes and turn these as whole layer 90°to right.
Or make separate images for each digit and make them visible on timeline in loop.

Thanks @Peter that was very help.

Not easy to find some fonts, though I did manage to find them.

Thanks again