Watch error like below yesterday? The message has arrived. Thank you

I received a message about the released watch face as shown below. Is it a problem with the Watch Studio version? Is there a solution?

In the latest version of Wear OS, displaying information containing user data will no longer be available on watch faces created using the Wearable Support Library or the AndroidX watch face API.

If you want users to continue to be able to display information on their watch faces, update them to use the watch face format. Watch faces built using the watch face format are easier to maintain and require fewer updates. You can create watch faces using XML or Watch Face Studio.

You need to update your WFS version to 1.4.20 be careful if the current version is prior to 1.3.13 you may have issues updating directly to 1.4.20 (missing resource error).

I believe that all the Samsung Watches have updated to Wear 4 and use Watch Face Format

Samsung Developer Relations

alway thank you ^^ Ron