Watch Face and Watch App Review Delays

Watch Face and Watch App sellers

The watch face app submission reviews are delayed in order to minimize intellectual property violations. The team reviews carefully every watch face applications and is causing a watch face app review delay. Samsung review team apologizes for these delays and wishes to assure watch app sellers that they are working diligently to resolve any issues and thank all watch app sellers for your patience.

Ron Liechty
for the Samsung Watch Review Team


Thanks Ron for letting us know.


Thank you for the info.

Thanks for the info Ron!

Thanks for the info.

Thanks Ron.

I was wondering too why it was so long this time…

PS: i’ve sent you an email for the next banner :wink:

Thanks Ron for the statement, that cleared the doubts

Thanks for the info.

Thank you for keeping us posted.

Hi there. A question. I have been receiving the message about updates from my watch faces in the seller store for days. The problem is I have not submitted any updates for this WF. I also have a new WF and 16 updates that are delayed. What exactly is happening there !?

I assume it is one of two things.
A: They have updated all watch faces for S21 an d S21 Ultra 5G
B: All Watch faces are being manually reviewed for IP infractions and it notified you of that.
Since the number of devices has not changed I suspect it is B.

The manual review of Watch Face images is the hold up. My advice is for sellers to quit pushing one low quality watch face a week and start concentrating on high quality watch faces that deserve a higher price.

How did you get 32,766 devices?

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Hi Ron,

I’m Reading your answer, does it mean watch face review will allways be so long by now ?

Normal review lasts up to 5 days, do you have an idea of the time it will take now?

Is this new issue related to Marty Watch Face recent infringement ?

I’m not sure a higher price will be a good solution, sales will decrease i think.

Thx in advance,

Zebra Watch Faces

The Watchface Simple Gear SG-30 is a free watchface and has been loaded a lot. All of my free downloads have high download rates.

I expect it will take quite some time to get back to normal. All content is being reviewed for IP infractions.

Look at the top seller list and you will see that higher prices may actually increase downloads.
If someone has $1,500 tied up in Watch and Mobile do you think $1 matters to them? If they like a watch face they will buy it. World-wide these are luxury buyers world wide with expendable cash.

If you sell for minimum amount it is seen as poor quality and missing features, luxury buyers shun that and if someone is looking for a bargain there are free watch faces to get.

Finally changing prices to reflect local currency in Europe, England and Korea raise prices but increase sales. The rest of the world seems to be OK with US prices.

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Ok Ron, thx a lot for these guidelines and for your very good analysis. What prices would you advice for quality work in US, Europe, Korean and England?

The currencies are the Euro, British Pound and Korean WON so if you set a price at $1.49 US use 1.49 Euro and Won currencies and adjust Pound to 1.09 or 1.19.

The reason for this is that mentally the buyers feel like you are considering them.

In most 3rd world we have noticed that lowering prices only decreases revenue it does not increase downloads and often decreases downloads.

Note that these are not hard evidence only observational. Samsung recommends that everyone try various pricing methods and create what they believe is best pricing structure for their products.

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Ron, on this check, what happens if a Watch face has been suspended? There was a word copyright, but it was associated with another word, and this word copyright is common in my country, never that I would imagine that the word would have copyright in any country. I’m upset and worried at the same time. In the suspension of the watch face, it is noted that the word is copyrighted only and I can do update fixing it. They not asked me to explain and prove whether I have a copyright or license to use the word.

The word most likely was not copyrighted but Intellectual Property. The issue is not the word it is using it in context with a brand watch’s name. You can use POP in description but when used in a context with a watch name it is not allowed. There is no appeal on the decision, it is for your own protection.

You can look at rulings at WIPO and that may help you in understanding Intellectual Property rights.

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Did I understand correctly that? Samsung is currently checking the dials of only those sellers who bring them the most money? And the rest of the sellers are forced to sit with the status of “Delayed”?

After more than 2 weeks my latest watchface was released today.

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