Watch face companion/helper app source code

Hello fellow developers!

I’m sharing the source code of my companion/helper app for watch faces.
It opens the wf page on the connected watch, opens dev page and leads to the review section of the wf.

There is a guide on how to clone repo and do the changes in order to build your own companion app.




1st of all thank you very much for sharing you valueable code with us. I really appreciate it. I have been making for last 2 years helper app in android studio with limited basic knowledge that i learned just to create a companion app.

I have successfully imported your project sample but i am confused about renaming please see my images attached above. would really like your help about it.

i have been confused about it. I want to rename it to for example same name which my watchface aab bundle has com.watchfacestudio.ac25.

  • Right-click it
  • Select Refactor
  • Click on Rename
  • In the Pop-up dialog, click on All Directories
  • Enter the new name and hit Refactor
  1. As per my understanding of your guide . should i rename these 2 directories in my screenshot to com.watchfacestudio.ac25. ??

  2. And about Manifest file in the screenshot should i change this to com.watchfacestudio.ac25. also??


should i rename Android directory to “watchface” & the other directory wf_companion_app to ac25.

I want to rename this companion app when generated to have com.watchfacestudio.ac25 name for example.

Thanks for this great share and effort .
Best Regards

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Hey! Im glad that it will be of any use🙃

You need to rename the “android” to “watchfacestudio” and “wf_companion_app” to “ac25”.

Re manifest: after rename it should look this way “com.watchfacestudio.ac25.MainActivity”

Fyi: all directories in studio refers to other modules (debug and test) which has the same folders structure

Hope that helps


Magnificent :grin::+1::+1:

That solved the issue. I have successfully generated apk , installed it and everything is working fantastic.

Many thanks again for sharing your code. I will be using it as a helper app and i will mention credits to you for helper app in playstore.

Salute my friend for your fantastic effort. And specially for sharing it. love it .:sunglasses:


Thanks for sharing the source code.

Hello. Thank you for sharing. I did and it all worked

Thank you! you’re awesome!

Hello. Thank you for sharing.

Thank you so much!

It took me a day or two to develop my own companion so this is appreciated espeicslly for newer developers…

For newbies: ensure the package name of the mobile app is the same as the watch app

Ensure the signing keys are the same too

And versioning is a pain… it obviously cant use the same version code or a smaller nunber than what is already published

I went ahesd and started my mobile one at version 2 and code and incremented that way

And the watch via WFS and etc.

Hey, I think versioning isn’t a big deal anymore since Google separated Wear OS and other stuff. But I might be wrong…
I didn’t have any problems with this versioning

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Tried your app and it works perfectly. Thanks to your instructions, preparing a new app is much faster than it was with my previous app. Thank you!

Thank you for sharing this!

I used it for a test and it works fine, but wanted to modify it and ended up re-writing it in Flutter.

For those that haven’t added a companion app, this is early data from a new dev, but a free watchface I created had like 10 downloads in a month, and once I added the companion app, it spiked to 25 in less than a week.

It really helps discovery and installation!

Hey everyone,

Just updated the app with new Privacy Policy button along with the guide.

Happy WF development!

P.S I’m leaving watch face hobby and this app will have very limited support in the future

Thanks so much for your effort. Since I am not a developer and a newbie: Did you change anything else? Just two days ago I was sucessfull to build my first companion app but today my second one does not work.

There seemst to be an error on line 17 in


I just removed this line. it works.

Hey, I did changes in multiple places, but it should not affect the flow.

This particular line can be deleted. I missed this issue while creating the guide.
I’ve updated the guide with reordered steps in order to avoid such cases.

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Ah, man. Sorry to see you leaving this hobby… Your contribution and help to the community have been great. I hope all is good! :raised_hands: