Watchface Helper app Source Code Open Your Watchface On Connected Watch

All Credits To A Very dear friend , kind Human being and a Talented Developer

The source code was made by him to help me and i am also sharing it for free with you, here are the details:-

I have generated new helper app that opens link of the same watch face on connected device when you click on displayed image. The display image i have not yet updated in my apk yet. i am in process of doing so :wink:

  1. i have added 1x txt file that contains the complete source code to add to
  2. i have added 1 x txt file that contains the complete source code of MainActivity .Java
  3. I have also added code of my Main Activity XML in zip file . Not needed but if you want to inspect it.
  4. I have created a sign apk of My watch face digital basic 12 as a sample added to zip for you to see how it works
  5. When you install the apk and open it .
  6. Click on the main displayed image.
  7. It will open watch face on your connected wear OS device
  8. If watch is not connected it will show a toast that No watch is not connected.

Happy building new Companion App. :grin:

NOTE: We still need to push Google to fix the issues since for some this method still shows unpaid watch face and for some it works. I personally for example have to install every time watch face from web browser.

This is how i have done for my helper app. i have added instructions for web browser version as well.

Link to complete project folder zipped file and Source Code files as well


Thanks so much for this. We really appreciate it.

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Thank you for sharing your valuable information.

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Thanks for sharing, i had to find out how to make one by asking for information on Github and even then i struggled since i had zero experience with Android studio and spent hour with guides and tutorials. But at least i learned something useful in the end.

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Thanks for your work. But unfortunately your method does not work for me, I am also not a professional in Android Studio. It would be possible to get a project file from you to see it as an example?

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Ofcourse i can share

I am also not a professional just like you . please kindly tell me how to import project and i will do that upload it here no worries.

@SGWatchDesign I have zipped and added project folder and all other files at one place. Please kindly see 1st post. Please open link you will find dbasic12 zip file with 76MB size. Do let me know if link is not working.

Also please let me know as well how you imported it successfully. Thanks

I created and packed a project file for you. Unpack the file and copy folders in Android studio into the Android studio project folder. Then open Android Studio and open the file … and select the folder SG_test. I always get an error message. Something is wrong.

I was able to open it, but there are error in my project. I updated the latest version android studio.

well I also a noob at android studio , I haven’t imported any projects my knowledge is very limited about that . I have also updated to the latest android studio. I am not having any project errors.

I cannot open your drive link file needs access to be given.

EDIT : I have tested a scenario . i moved project files of a watch face zipped and then Unzipped them. I had folder within folder of Same name dbasic12

Please make sure you are not posting project along with my zipped folder which has also same name if that is the case then extract the zip and inside will be complete folder paste that to your projects location ensure there is no dbasic12/dbasic12 sub directory/…

  1. Copy the folder named dbasic12 inside into projects folder .DONT Unzip it in the project folder.
  2. Then Open Android Studio
  3. Goto File > Open
  4. Browse to the project location you unzipped
    5.Tap to open this file gradlew.bat. it will sync with android studio . other wise android studio considers it as just a directory
    See my 2nd screenshot pleasefollow that .
  5. Android will make necessary changes and setup the project . After it finishes close window go back to Android Studio and your imported project will work fine.

I just tested by moving a project completely , zipping it and then followed like above. The project was imported successfully.


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i have added how to import project below. i hope this will resolve your imports

I have successfully imported your project. same way i mentioned above.

1.i copied your folder SG_Test to my android studio projects folder .
2. Tap gradlew.bat to rebuild project to resolve class dependencies.( It is compulsory)
3. wait for it to complete .
4. Now open project .

A big thank you to you and Giannis. I copied and pasted your codes and it works great. Nevertheless I hope that the bug will be fixed soon. It’s a little help, but still it doesn’t really get us anywhere.

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I finally got it. In the, a final } was missing at the end of the code. This was the error.
Thanks again to you and Giannis for the help

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I agree with you 100 percent. :slightly_smiling_face:

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hello i’m having problems with this.

well i copied the code from text files i shared of main in a project.

I rebuilt the project this is important i hope you did this just asking. There were few errors before doing this.step

Then i generated a signed apk working fine without any issues.

perhaps sg_design and others who used code and is working for them can throw some light on iit.

i can copy code and post again if you like of main java or you can check my conplete project also in above link.

EDIT: Check my screenshots of my working project of Main Activity.Java and my Main Activity.xml code please. PS: Project is in java and not kotlin.

Thanks for your answer!
I managed to build a working app :slight_smile:

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Thats great . i just uploaded screenshots and your reply came at same time :smiley:

Thanks for sharing Osman and GS , I just have a little error and fix it. It works now !!
But still Google must fix the bugs on Play Console Developer.