Watch face design review

I have 2 questions about the next Watch face design review in August.

First, it’s said to include all designs in one PDF file. Then it says to give one picture of the Watch face and one picture of the Watch face applied to a watch. These 2 pictures are separated or included in the PDF file? Pictures have to be on .jpg or .png ?

Where is the link of the application page?

Thx in advance

You should include all watch designs in the .pdf file so if you have 4 watch designs to show have a standalone and an applied to watch image for each design in the .pdf.
If you have an animated watch you should submit a separate file for that or include a link in the pdf to that animation.

The application page will be open August 12th the application window status will show open at that Time. I would suggest you have necessary files prepared ahead of time.

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Thanks a lot for your answer. My pdf file is already prepared. It includes required pictures and additional images for 5 projects. Is it possible to send it to someone by email just to check if everything is ok like this? I’ve spent a lot of Time preparing my application and i’d like not to be rejected for missing elements or wrong presentation.

Sorry but they are not accepting or reviewing any applications early. I was told there would be a response to why a watch design was not chosen if you are not approved the first time.

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Sorry if I am late for the conversation or if what I am about to ask has already been answered on another topic.
Is it defined when the approved or disapproved of the review process of the documentation presented will be known?
The question is because I present the documentation, but it does not appear anywhere in my profile that is under review, or the status of this, or the dates on which the result will be known

On the Design Review Page it just says that a decision will be communicated the first of September.

The review is done by the Seller Portal not Samsung Developer Program (A developer relations program) and there is no status in the profile on it.

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Thanks Ron for the reply