Rejected twice for Galaxy Watch designer

Hi everybody !

Recently I decided to join the Galaxy Watch designer program.
So I sent a first design application and got rejected.
Then I decided to sent another application with a very different design and got rejected too.

Each time I got the generic mail :

"We regret to inform you that your application to become an approved Galaxy Watch designer has been rejected.
The application is reviewed based on the following criteria: creativity, originality, and attention to detail. You are welcome to apply again with a revised version of your design(s).

Thank you,
Galaxy Watch Review Team"

So I’m left with no clue on what could cause problem …

Any idea ?
Thanks for reading
Take care

Unlike last year, the watch face designer ecosystem is closed and the design review process is very stringent on what is now approved Read this tutorial on applying and pay attention to it.

You can continue to use GWD for your own use but to sell in the store now, you have to stand out.

Samsung Developer Program

Hooo thanks a lot for your quick answer !

I have already read this paper about submission. I think I respected the submission rules ( the 2 images, image quality, no copyrighted material ).

Did you see the pictures in my post ? They are taken from the GWD app so I suppose the size and quality are adequate.

So maybe it’s my design that is bad ?

What do you think ?

Frankly any critic or suggestion will be welcome, I would be happy to share my watchfaces :wink:



Hi Laurent,

I also watch the Galaxy Watch Store banner promotions desk for Samsung Developer Program and I can only give you my perspective based on that.
Not to be cruel but you asked for my criticism.
I wouldn’t say that your design is bad but it isn’t outstanding. There is nothing that shouts I am special I can do this and no other watch does it. I don’t see any animated gears, hidden tools nothing using Gyro or tags for special effects. You need to step up your game to be accepted now.

Samsung Developer Program

Thanks a lot for your answer.

I appreciate it a lot, really.

I understand what you mean. I usually prefer watchfaces that are not too much cluttered and overwhelming and doesn’t necessarilly look like an airplane control console. Special effects and gyro and extra functions are nice and already very represented on the store. I don’t find much watchfaces I would use precisely because simple and design options are not plenty.

If you have time you can check my blog at I made a lot of watchfaces for an hybrid watch from another brand before switching to the Samsung Watch Active 2.

I have some other designs ready to try to apply with, I will try again.

Thank you for your time again, you are of a great help !


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Hi Laurent,

I did look at your blog and I do like many of your designs. But to get accepted in this closed ecosystem you need to stand out.

Samsung Developer Program

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Thanks for everything, I will do my best! (3.9 MB) In my opinion, your dials do not differ in variety. I will attach an archive of some works by different designers, I advise you to study it.

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Thanks a lot !

Yeah, this the main reason why I bought a Galaxy Watch Active 2.

With low definition, e-ink with 3 levels of grey, complications that you cannot modify, you have very small space left and end up making dials that are all the same after a while, I got bored.

There is much more creative space on the Galaxy Watch !

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Hi !
Thanks again for your support here !

Just sent another request with a new watchface with a lot of use of gyro for moving reflections, changing shadows and 3D parallax effect. We will see if I get accepted.

Gyro is so fun … but it’s quite a lot of work to use.

Rejected again BUT this time I got an explanation : They have closed applications till August.

I was quite annoyed because it looked like the generic rejection mail. And then I read the end stating that all new application are closed for now.
It’s probably because of the Coronavirus pandemia.

I just hope everybody is fine in their team.
It’s a bit frustrating because the process should be more open and transparent but in these hard times I cannot blame them.


I was rejected again. They responded to a message I had contacted before. They asked for photos until the deadline. I sent them. Hope we can get confirmation by mail. You must communicate. I am waiting for understanding from the Samsung team.

Same here they answered today to a request I sent some days ago for more detailed reasons for being rejected.

Frankly I don’t feel like reaching them by mail, asking for an exception …it is not urgent when a pandemia is going on …

This is not related to the Covid-19 pandemic.

We’ve updated our policy and pledge for watch face distributors in order to protect intellectual property rights, including, but not limited to, copyright, trademark, patent and design of brands/creators, and to offer the best curated experience for consumers.

Samsung Developer Program

You protect IP by closing application requests ?

You let people work on application for weeks, then automatically reject their application with a generic message that gives zero real explanation, and later, if the applicant asks for more information, you tell him applications are closed ?

I’m not sure this attitude will give devs a positive feeling and a trustfull connexion with the platform.

Screening candidates is a very good idea as there are too many discutable quality watchfaces on the store. However I feel there is not enough diversity here, and now I understand better why as you ask devs to make ovewhelming and complex watchfaces. Simple design can be beautifull too and easier to live with it on your wrist everyday, you know.

Obviously, as this is becoming a more closed platform, Samsung has the right to do what they want. But the whole politics of the platform about their watchface market would benefit to gain a lot more transparency.

Just to be clear the system closed last fall.

I understand your frustration some things were not handled in the best manner.

Samsung Developer Program

Does that mean that for about 6 monthes application requests were closed … but the process to apply was still active, letting devs work with no chance to get approved ?
That’s just a lot of work for nothing and is not nice to the people who invested time and maybe a bit of money in this project.

I’m not mad at you, just sorry to learn that. :pensive:

No you said it was becoming a closed system and I corrected you to say it was already a closed system. I believe only one or two sellers were approved in the past 6 weeks.

Samsung Developer Program

When I sent my 2nd request on march 31 it was already closed (I got a mail today to explain that) … but this wasn’t advertised anywhere. So I believed my watchface wasn’t good enough and made a 3rd one.

What a pity. I worked so much on the 3rd request, making some pamphlet images to show its function and even a GIF to better show the moving shadows effect.

Anyway, I understand you are not to blame, don’t worry. Thanks for your time.

Hello Ron,

Although it was closed on March 31, receiving applications was still a mistake. About 15 days people applied and were rejected. All of the labor given for 15 days was in vain. You should announce some things early. You should apply it later. You’re not guilty, Ron. You are trying to help everyone. And you are a loved one here. The Samsung team must accept the error and find a solution.