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Hi everyone,

I’m missing some important functionality in the watch faces. Displaying calendar/event info on you watch face seems basic functionality to me, but I can’t find it in the GWD nor in the available watch faces. There is only one watch face which has this functionality and that’s the “My day” watch face. However this one looks not very appealing…

I would like to create the a similar watch face to the “My day” watch face, but with additional features and a more classic look. Please find attach a few pictures of the basic idea, showing the event info on the outside of the watch face.

Could someone please give me some support where if I can find this functionality within the GWD interface? Or otherwise help me out with the coding.

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Herewith the My Day currently available watch face

The pre-installed Galaxy Watch faces are designed in the operating system level and have access to functionality that is not available in a public API and therefore not available to Tizen developers and Galaxy Watch Designers.

This is something that has been suggested and the development team is working on it, you might want to add this here in the Feature Request - Vote / Galaxy Watch Designer category.

Until it is added the only solution is to use a button to open the Calendar.

Samsung Developer Program

I was looking for that today. It would be an excellent resource. Sad and waiting