Watch Face Studio 1.5.7 (BETA)

Did this version really solve the memory problem?

You will have to wait until GW4 GW5 are updated to Wear4 see FAQ 12

The Sync to device feature enables your watch face to use the step goal defined by the user on their device’s health application. It is supported on watch devices running API Level 33 and higher (Wear 4 and later).

On Wear 3 devices, because Sync to device is not supported, the step goal is fixed to 6000. If you want to set a different step goal for Wear 3 devices, you must create a separate watch face version for Wear 3, disable Sync to device, and define the step goal directly.

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No this is not a WFS issue it is Wear4 issue.


1.5.7 version also can’t solve the memory budget

Yes, I confirm but I expected it.

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I had reported this issue that complications text and icons break after some time, if they haven’t been updated for a period (e.g. battery stays at 100% or events is “None” for too long).

Someone else has reported his in the forums as well.

I recompiled my watch face with 1.5.7 and this issue is gone now. Great! Must be one of these Fixed minor bugs mentioned in the changelog. :slight_smile:

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A bit of an issue.

WFS 1.4.20 managed to fix something where you could choose the size of the Complications area without worrying that the data gets cut off from outside the boundary.

This BETA completely removes this fix and now, I have to enlarge the shape boxes to make sure that none of the data/icons gets cut off.

This is hugely problematic because there aren’t any Line/Box shapes that manages to combine the RANGED_VALUE and SHORT_TEXT, together.

This also means that some complications will have to overlap each other.

Hi. This is how Watch Face Format works. Problem is, what you already mentioned that some complication types were not added or were added not properly to some complication slots.

For example LARGE_IMAGE is completely missing. Line Slot does not have LONG_TEXT. Box does not have RANGED_VALUE etc etc.

I’ve already created support request ticket for this so maybe they are currently working on it.

Well, the behavior wasn’t the same from Wear 3.5, I suppose, because I didn’t have the problem with WFS 1.4.20, which I have reverted myself to.

It was not the same with WFS 1.3.13.
From 1.4.20, complication slot bound works somehow like mask element.

Complication Bounding Areas

Complication bounding areas are used to define the rendering area for a Complication. An outline of the bounding area is shown in the watch face editor. Any content outside of the bounding area is cropped.

The bounding area also determines the region where the user can select the complication from the watch face.

Introduced in Wear OS 4.

Complication Bounding Areas | Android Developers

I think that was a fix and now works as it should.

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Well then.
My request would be to have the same complication types from the Circle shape, to a rectangular shape.

Because as you can see from my picture, multiple complications will overlap with each other and make clicking on the desired areas and other shortcuts, much more difficult. Because of this issue, it covers the Heart Rate app shortcut that I’ve set, just to make sure the entire complication data fields do not go out of bounds.

Use the Large Box complication for a line progress bar.

I see your issue let me think on it for a bit.
I just remember one other person reported how slot bounds worked so I thought maybe this was to fix that persons report.
If you think it is a bug please report it.

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Large Box allows you to put RANGED_VALUE and LONG_TEXT together. That’s great.

But what if I want to make sure that people can choose between SHORT_TEXT complications and RANGED_TEXT, together?

We get a Circle Complication shape and this is where the issue lies.

A circle as a shape mask is ineffective when you want to show data in a straight line, because some elements (Icons, Text, whatever else) will go out of bounds, as you squeeze the circle. This forces the developer to make the circle several times bigger to make sure that everything is shown correctly.

And with this issue, comes with the problem that it also increases the size of the complication area needlessly.

Again. Please read this:

Looks like the LARGE_IMAGE complication type is not part of any of the new complication slots. Could it be added to the Large Box slot with upcoming WFS versions?
What needs to be considered:
SHORT_TEXT —> Large Box

@r.liechty_SDR, ticket number #46606

I already pointed out this problem on June 20.

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I think they said there was no Large Image complications were you going to create one?

There is a Ranged Value for Large Box in WFS 1.5.7. Is the small box necessary?


LARGE_IMAGE / PHOTO_IMAGE was here in WFS 1.3.13 and now it’s completely missing (from 1.4.20 upwards). I can’t update some of my apps which were using it.

Large Box does not have SHORT_TEXT. We just want SHORT_TEXT & RANGED_VALUE together without need to use Circle Slot…

There is absolutely no reason to not include every combination. Everything is there, prepared. I think RANGED_VALUE should be definitely added to Small Box. Other combinations mentioned too.

Some gallery apps like Muzei already provide LARGE_IMAGE (PhotoImageComplicationData)

See here.

If it’s core part of Wear OS, then it should be also in WFS, and it was there, but it was removed with 1.4.20. I think it should be listed within Large Box slot.

And yes, I already have one app too, not posting link, only screenshot

Thanks AmoledWatchfaces. RANGED_VALUE included with the Small Box is also what I want!

I hope that request is heard for the stable release.

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I understand now. you want a small box that also has Ranged Value as a supported complication type since you can’t “square” the slot bound.

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That is correct! Yes!