Notice of new version 1.2.5 (June 23th, 2022)

Hi all

Thanks to your interest and support, today we released new version 1.2.5 (here)
User guide is still before uploading in the web, but I would like you to use many features by referring to the release note and add them as comments on this topic if there is a serious bug.

Thank you


Hello, Thank you very much for your hard work, will now master!

Thanks for the updates … Love the Dark Mode Awesome

  1. Project Management & Common
  • Support starred project and sort option.
  • Provide sample projects.
  • Remove new project page.
  • Add System theme mode in Preferences dialog.
  • Add Canvas circular crop option in Project Setting dialog.
  1. Component
  • Add Multimedia style and Tap action.
  • Add Watch Face Canvas property.
  1. Edit & Properties
  • Add new Tag expressions.
    • Functions for asin(num), acos(num), atan(num), deg(num), rad(num), pow(base, exponent)
  1. Etc
  • Improve build time.
  • Fixed Digital Clock component to follow language setting in device.
  • Fixed ICON of the complication to be updated well in device.
  • Fixed Text with “Sync to Device” font setting to follow system font in device.
  • Fixed complication date and time issue to be removed after emptying the complication slot.
  • Temporarily disabled the feature that showing watch face after device boot with lock. It will be enabled again after platform upgrade.
  • Support ‘multiple instances’ feature for new Wear OS version.

What is the function of this one?

Run the program with multiple instances so you can copy from one watch face to another.

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This is what i thought at first but it does not seem to work for me. When i double click the WFS to open a second instance, nothing happens.

Support ‘multiple instances’ feature for new Wear OS version.

What is the function of this one?

When you build a project with the latest WFS tool, your watch face has a “multiple instances” feature. This can be seen on the next Galaxy Watch product because it is available in the new Wear OS version :slight_smile:

If you can join the Samsung OneUI beta program, you can experience the feature earlier on your Galaxy Watch4.

The animation frame rate cannot be slowed down unlike the previous version. The option to change the frame is there but it does not work when running on device. Any face with an animation will now show as too fast and not usable. Can this be fixed please?

Hi, Wear App issue is still there if use more then 7 or 6 customization Wear App doesn’t open customize menu it stuck on loading and get crashed :frowning:

What exactly is multiple instances when it comes to a watch face, is it something like different presets of the watch face that are pre configured or saved at that moment so that you can revert to them at a later time? Sorry for my questions but i am trying to understand and my country is not included in the OneUI beta program, so i cannot check it.

Yeah i noticed it, also the issue where the title names of the styles change order as well when customizing with Wear App is there too.

As they didn’t consider it for this update, I hope they fix it soon. as that was the only thing I was looking for in new Watch Face Studio update and its not there.

Thanks for the update !

I noticed that if I do 3 consecutive “Builds”, on 3 different watch faces, I have to close and restart WFS because it gets stuck.

This feature allows customers to add multiple watch faces with different style they have customized.

Unfortunately, we could not reproduce the issue. Can you share a .wfs file to check the problem?

Hi. I don’t know if it is a mistake in WFS 1.2.5. When displaying the kilometers, a distance of 0.99km is displayed at a step 1305. With a step of 1306 a distance of 0.00 km and with a step of 1313 a distance of 1.00 km. Used as formula (number format (“#. ##”, ([sc]*0,000762))). I use the MacOS 12.4 with WFS 1.2.5.

Update: I tried it in version 1.1.14 there is the same mistake. I never noticed that.




use this formula and you will see why

((numberFormat("#.####", [SC] * 0.000762) ))

Samsung Developer Relations
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Hello! I made two new watch faces in watch face studio 1.2.5. But now I can’t upload them to google play market. The play console shows the error “Android App Bundle is not signed”. I didn’t find a solution. I use old keys from 1.1.14. Help me please!

I uploaded 5 watch faces to Play Console from WFS 1.2.5 without having this issue (always using the same key).

I don’t think it depends on WFS 1.2.5

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