Watch Faces

i have a problem ‘The binary cannot be registered. You do not have permission to register an application to the Watch faces category.’
how can i avoid this topic and how can i send the permission?

You have to apply to load faces to the store, the next application period starts next week.

Where can i send pdf file and letter? What email?

you have to wait for the admission to open

So am i right that i have to wait the 14 october to send information about my watchface?

Yes, on the page that appears in the previous message it will appear when you can make the request

You must apply before you get permission below is the schedule of when applications open and when the decision will be communicated.

Best Wishes,
Hope to see your watch face in the store!

2020 Watch Face Application Window* Decision Communicated by
August 12 - August 25 Beginning of September, 2020
October 14 - October 27 Beginning of November, 2020
December 9 - December 22 Beginning of January, 2021