Watchface for WearOS

First of all, Merry Christmas.

I plan to design my own watchfaces, for a Suunto7 for myself.
I’ve downloaded Watch Face Studio, designed my watchface, but I don’t know how to have a WearOS file.
I can’t find any checkbox or option to ask for this.

Can you give me some advices please?

Many thanks

Merry Christmas

If you don’t want to upload your Watch Face to Google Play, you only have to use “run on device”

Thanks for your advice.
I don’t see my watch when I want to “run on device”
It’s on the same WiFi network, I enter ip address, something wrong …

You have to activate developer mode on your watch.

It’s activated, but WFS doesn’t see my watch

adb connect

Yes, adb connect (verified via a ping)
Says connected (cmd command)
But no, not seen in WFS :frowning: ADB Debug activated, ADB debug accepted
Maybe my SUUNTO isn’t compatible with WFS … can’t find this information …

adb shell getprop
Only API 28+ can run these new watch faces.

Look here WFS v1.0.11 NEW Version Connection Bug adb? - #6 by amoledwatchfaces

Hi everyybody
Many thanks for your help!
My solution is very simple:
Connect with adb, try to “Run on device”, then close and re-open WFS, and “Run on device” !
Watch detected, upload and tests OK!

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