Watchface with bluetooth

I am currently developing a watch face with the web application.
I have another Android application that retrieves health data from the user, and it uploads the data is on the server.
The task that I have to do is to retrieve the data from the server and display the data on the watch face.
However, I need an access token of the user via Bluetooth from the device. Is it possible to connect and retrieve the data from the device to the watch face?

Thank you.

Yes, Bluetooth works for watch faces too. I used it to change data between watch and phone for my watch faces under Gear S2/S3 and Fit 2(years ago). Probably you gonna choose connection by SAP library. But it works a little worse than for UI Web App. I mean it disconnects itself from time to time. I haven’t tested under Tizen 5.5.x yet.