PETITION: Create a watchface store in the Galaxy Wearable app

Guys, we all know the truth: the Play Store is a terrible place for watchfaces. There are many issues that will probably never be fixed. Not to mention the piracy issues. And not to mention that Google does nothing to help designers reach their audience.

Our customers are very unhappy, they cannot find watchfaces in the store or cannot install them, it’s hard to find them, it’s hard to browse faces as the store only promotes 99% apps.

Bring back Galaxy Store as a section in the Galaxy Wearable app, where users can find and purchase their favorite designs from designers they already know.

If you cannot make a full featured store like Galaxy Store inside Galaxy Wearable app, at least make a watchface section with categories where we can promote our faces from Play Store and link to them, so it can be easier for people to find them.

Come on Samsung, don’t let us down now, many of us we’re here since the first Tizen smartwatch you developed. Don’t turn your back on us…


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Completely agree with you.

I cannot understand the reason Samsung went this way, not the OS, but the store. Customers can’t find faces, they complain, we as devs cannot get traffic without having a degree in marketing as well, so I don’t know anymore.

It’s just a decision that is bad for users and for us at the end of the day, the way it currently is.


We are not trying to understand the corporate reasons why Samsung does not sell watch faces in the Galaxy Store.

But the fact is that Google Play has serious problems with the availability of watch faces to users.
As well as not well thought out tops and topics, which seriously complicates the promotion for developers.

And you have to do something about it.


I fully support the petition. The Google Store is a torment. I have not seen a bigger mess than they have in the store. Embarrassment.


I understand the sentiment and agree as well.

I had my watch faces for nearly 2 months on play store and only a handful of downloads.

For us to spend time creating these watch faces there needs to be a reasonable return as well. At the moment the incentive to make more watch faces for wear OS are not there for me. Also add the heart rate issues on top off that.

All this adds to negative user experience and availability of quality watch faces for watch 4 users.
I hope Samsung are monitoring this and they can make some positive changes.


I totally agree that it is very difficult to sell on google play.
The watch faces are hard to find.
I also wanted to sell in the Galaxy Store, but it is almost impossible to be accepted as an approved seller there.
That in turn is completely incomprehensible to me. On the one hand, Tizen should still be operated with dials, on the other hand no new designers are allowed (or only 1 or 2 designers).
And really: my dials are perfectly fine.

So yes. Before a 2-class society is introduced here again (the old-established developers who never had to apply and the new developers who are not accepted), I prefer to stay here at Google. I am also happy to develop for Samsung directly, but they just have to let me.


I fully support the petition. The Google Store is a torment.


I agree totally useless so many failed releases that work 100% on Watch no issues what so ever , my last submission has failed 6x for completely random reasons now they claim its crashes what are they using to test these watch faces if its the emulators they just don’t work with all the Samsung complications. You set Galaxy Watch 4 only as compatible device and they say it does not work on other devices you cant make it up. You cant even advertise your watch in the watch face sections just terrible.


The last couple of days it has dawned on me that this as a business is over.

If we only have the Google store to work with it will not work out for us. After all the hours and effort to finally get a few things in store and then to see it sit there with no traffic.

And remember, sure advertise and spread the word etc. But the average person that has just bought a Watch 4 will not go to Facebook, or Reddit or Instagram to find a watch face. In all my years of owning anything that can be themed, I go to the store first.


Complaints about frivolous people from google continued.
Until now, I have placed 80 faces in the store, the earnings, as with all of them, are almost zero. Everything was ok so far. I put face icons in miniatures of watches and it went to the store without any problems. Today I got an email with info that three new ones will not pass because they do not meet the requirements of their policy, that the images should be outside the miniature clock.
No consistency in their actions. Each evaluator has his own whim. Embarrassment, lack of seriousness, behavior like in kindergarten children.
I wrote to them that I did not agree with their decision, I wrote what I think about them and their behavior and assessment methods. I’m waiting… :sunglasses: :grin: :grin: :grin:


I fully support the petition


If Samsung wants to have less work, relieving the store service, maybe it should at least support its developers in contact with google.
If there are no dials in the store, they will not be on the watches, and their owners will have a grudge. Anyway, they already have that they cannot find new discs or the existing ones converted to the GW4 model.
They rush on us, and even adding a face to a Chinese store doesn’t work properly.
Blindness in your pseudo knowledge and supposed wisdom does not pay off. Such an old and big company, and it can’t learn anything. They have already made similar mistakes several times. :frowning:


I support this petition.

My personal opinion:

  1. Tizen is a very good OS.
  2. GWS is an awesome tool
  3. Galaxy Store is so nice, easy and glitch free
  4. The SDP support team, are out of this world. You guys
    are awesome!
  5. WF review team, professionals :ok_hand:

I also agree. When I try to find something, it’s like jungle, nothing is possible to find comparing Samsung store for Tizen


Assuming Samsung needs to have less work, calming the store administration, possibly it ought to basically uphold its designers in touch with google.

In case there are no dials in the store, they won’t be on the watches, and their proprietors will have resentment. In any case, they as of now have that they can’t discover new plates or the current ones changed over to the GW4 model.

They surge on us, and in any event, adding a face to a Chinese store doesn’t work as expected.

Visual deficiency in your pseudo information and assumed insight doesn’t pay off. A particularly old and large organization, and it can’t learn anything. They have effectively committed comparative errors a few times. :frowning:


I fully support the petition


I support this petition. Things get worser every day at Google


All that frustration just show how good Samsung did understand there job in the past. I can only hope that they get more influence to incorporate their experience into the Play Store.

It is frightening to see that the most experienced company about apps are not able to build a clean functional optimized app store for there own Wear OS Plattform. I really hope that there “restart” will be more as this what we see now!


i fully support your petition :+1::+1:

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