Google Play app is so bad for watch face store

Hi Ron, I know Samsung can’t do anything about how Google Play store is operate. But please pass on the message that they need to improve Google Play app for watch faces ASAP. Inner communication between Samsung and Google carries much more weight than us indies.

There are two versions of Google Play, a web version access via a web browser and app version. The difference between the two is day and night, at least for watch face categolory. For developers’ watch face store, the web version has so much more functionalities than the app.

For example, when users go to developer’s store page on the app. There is nothing but a brief description and a header image. On web version, the same store page has the latest releases in a scrollable section plus option to see developer’s entire catalog.

I assume most people use app instead of web browser for Google Play. This puts watch developers in a real disadvantage where users have to search individual watch face one at a time, instead of browsing the entire selection.


I think this won’t be a problem if in future Samsung does something like what we’re requesting here:

Samsung and Google are competitors, a friendly one. I don’t think linking Google Play with Samsung Wearable app is doable in a legal sense.

I’m sure Google is working on improving the watch face category. It’s surprising that web version of Play store seems to have the full functionalities that are lacking in the app version. Usually it’s the other way around, since almost no mobile users use web version to look for stuff at Play store.

Interesting note, the latest GWS has a Tizen Wearable 5.0 option… :thinking:

Here is another example,

Galaxy S10 paired with Watch4, “Watch” and “Watch Face” category appears when search for watch face.

Z Fold 3 paired with Watch4, same search but result shows no “Watch” and “Watch Face” category; which makes Fold 3 users even hard to find watch faces on Play app. I spent 15 minutes searching for any watch faces and came up empty. Any Fold 3 users here are able to find any watch faces made with WFS on Play app?