Wear OS 4 - Samsung Weather Complication Issue

However, wouldn’t it be possible to convey this opinion to ONE UI team?
Recent Watch6 updates have fixed the error of displaying local names instead of temperatures in the weather.
I think it’s the same issue.

I want to convey my opinion to them, but I don’t know how to contact them. That’s why I’m asking.

Me too, but a lot of these are just farmed out to a college or contractor. This may be the Weather Channel (they are what is used for Samsung and Google weather license).

Samsung Developer Relations

Hi Ron, where can I find the file for these compilations

Tbh honest world clock digital complication also. Seem or those with title and text have same issue. E.g

Text (which on preview shows time) but on watch shows country

And title (which on preview shows country) but on watch shows time

Using 1.4.20 and 1.5.7 on gw 5 pro

OK, but I try to find the example showed in the tutorial!

Which Tutorial? can you point me to it?

Samsung Developer Relations

Which version does the latest Update have? I am using the cellular version of the watch.

Checking back in - any progress?
Or alternate solutions?

There are several issues reported in this thread. What one?

Samsung Developer Relations

Samsung Weather Complication Issue

Not that I know of I think they transposed the Title and Text when they did the complication. I’m not sure who did the complication.

If you want to create a Developer Support Request they may be able to look down who did the complication.