Weather Icon Resizing!


Is there a way to resize the weather icons? They’re a bit small and I would like to make them larger. Changing the px size doesn’t seem to actually enlarge it.

You can use any photo editor like photoshop, or gimp to enlarge them.

Hi Malcolm

Thanks for the reply.

I was referring to the standard ones that you select through ‘Text’ then weather, rather than the ones you need to setup via Bitmap font!

Is that not possible?

These icons are all connected to OpenweatherMap download them over here
and modify and add them as bitmap fonts

Ok, I was adding these recently, to a new project via bitmap fonts, but thought it laborious. If I understand you, then where i add mine i can adjust the sizes, otherwise they will pick up the default icons, which can’t be resized, or have i misunderstood.

Thanks again

Here is how you go about it after downloading it .
go to the property settings
there will be an option for .ttf fonts or bitmap fonts
Select BitMap go into numbers, the icon option does not have a bitmap font option
when in “numbers” you will have to select the the custom option add the code from the website for the png image like 01d and then the image for day , then 01n for the night and so on so forth
it is not as simple as it looks, also you can put your own images as corresponding to the weather type
I hope this helps

Thanks, Yes, I began the other week saving those icons from Openweather and then importing them against the ID numbers, which was tedious.

Agreed it is tedious, but effective as you can include your own images , in fact I encourage you to that

Do you have to do this for every new watchface design?

Yes , unfortunately there is no other way past this.
Just bite the bullet and go for it.

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Maybe when finished with the bitmap font, you could save your weather icon element as a custom complication and use it in new watch faces. Problem with bitmap fonts is, you have to do any later size adjustment externally.

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To all Concerned
Bitmap fonts cannot be saved as a custom complication at all, in fact most things attached even on tap to change cannot , as they will not be able to find the path

Oh, good to know. I do not regularly use any version capable of saving custom complications and that feature not at all. Sorry, this was just my guess. So where the feature could help to save a lot tedious work, it actually does not. Then maybe saving a copy of the whole watch face and rebuilding it to new one (or saving an empty copy with just the bitmap font element) could be still easier than recreate some bitmap fonts.

Yeah, tried saving as a complication, however, as Malcolm said, it came up with path finding errors. I tried moving the files around but had the same issue.

Anyway, I did set it up, although initially using the ID, which I couldn’t fathom how you got some of the night icons, before realising you said to use the ID, which to be honest is just a few icons.