Weather icons not working

I am trying to use custom icons for a weather display on a watch face I am building. I plugged in all of the string values according to Weather Conditions - OpenWeatherMap, but some of them are still not showing up.

For example, last night was snowy and the icon was showing up fine. But this morning it is cloudy, and there is no cloud icon showing up.

Any help is greatly appreciated!

Hi @jereed7 ,
Try Custom Weather Icons. It would be helpful in this regard as you can map to any icon images you want.


That is the webpage I was referring to as well. I entered numbers for every single one of those string values, but am still not getting an icon.

I have checked it by using the bitmap font mapping against the Display Type as Number. It works fine in my case. Can you please check if your mapping to string in the bitmap font setting is right?

Therefore, if your mapping is okay and you can’t find the workaround, please submit a support request to Samsung Developer Support.