Weather, Icon, temperature and location display

Because I have seen several requests about this I thought to share this was useful
I have a samsung galaxy watch 5 pro with the most recent firmware
I managed to have displayed on the watch face
Weather Icon,
Temperature and
Weather Location
First, I want to make clear that the information appear only when the watch is active and not when is in Always On status. For convenience, in the Always on watch design I have placed a logo in the same position of the Weather info
The procedure is very simple

  1. add a long text complication and in this to hide ONLY the image.
    Do not select any action and design the three other items (Text, icon and title) sizes and locations according your needs on the watchface design
  2. Send the watchface as usual to the watch after built
  3. Long pressing on the watch, customize and select weather as app
    The weather on the watch will update consistently with the update intervall set on your phone weather app
    For me the challenging part has been the proper size and location designs for the
    Text (containing the location)
    Icon (containing Weather icon status)
    Title (containing the temperature)
    Carefull if too small to display text or icon, the fields may appear empty
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Sounds great - thanks for sharing this information!

It would be nice if you could show a screen example.