Weather and location

Hi All,

I am unable to find a thread on this but I cannot be the first to ask.

I can display weather on the watchface. But I would also like to display the location of that weather data. Name of town rather then Lat/long.

Any ideas if this is possible?



Sorry, how do you display the weather?

You can achieve this by adding a ‘long text complication’ and leaving the ‘default provider’ empty. The element ‘long text’ of the ‘long text complication’ shows the location of the weather data, provided that once the watch face is installed on your watch you select weather as the provider of this complication (in the app on your phone).

Hi Peter, thanks for coming back to me. Unfortunately, this doesn’t work for me.

I get a weather icon, weather description (cloudy, sunny etc) and temperature.

@ads7112 peter2’s reply explains how to do it. its pretty easy.

@ollsbols: that’s really weird. On my watch (Galaxy Watch 5 Pro) the location is displayed. I have only the long text displayed; the icon, image and long title are hidden. I cannot imagine that hiding the latter elements would make any difference.

Is location on your phone enabled for weather? Do you have a Samsung phone? That could make a difference.

Sony phone and TicWatch Pro3 Ultra. However the Weather app on the watch is WearOS. I suspect as it is not WearOS 3 the data is not included in the message. Perhaps I will find out if the update ever happens. Thanks for your time anyway.