Weather Units aktive Display/AOD

Hello. I have created a weather watchface with changeable units (Celsius, Fahrenheit) I set Fahrenheit in the active Display , but in AOD is Celsius is displayed. Can it be changed that is also displayed in the AOD Fahrenheit.

You can set the until to Fahrenheit but since they are two different watch faces the setting on the active watch does not affect the setting of the AOD watch face.

Maybe someone know a way around this but with the Button limitations of AOD mode and tag limitations of Weather, I don’t think there is a simple fix. You might want to add this as a Feature Request.

Samsung Developer Program

Thanks for the feedback. This feature in the GWD would be good.

Just to cover all your bases , show both with different displays one Celsius and the second one

But it would be better to have both in one watch face, in the active display it works.

The solution is until we get the update in GWD which many a times takes an eternity.