Switching between Celsius and Fahrenheit

Hey there guys, how do you go about switching between the two weather formats on a face, or do you create 2 faces? I have a lot of customers happy with Celsius and then a lot asking how to switch to Fahrenheit on the same face, tried a few things in GWD, but do not see another way, other that double tap to mask one area and show one, and then a double tap to mask that and show another, but this takes up precious space on the face…

Hey, why don’t you just use Temperature (Text) component and set it as button and then from the Action tab use single tap in the Interaction and Change Temperature Unit in the Action. This would not mask any extra area of your face and switching between temperature unit would be so much easier.

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Thank you, that works perfectly dunno how i missed that, but great, thank you very much!

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You are welcome. yeah it happens sometimes :wink: .