Rejected Watch Face

I am getting so frustrated I have a face that has double tap to change temp units from F, C or kelvin. Also have double tap to update weather. It works PERFECTLY on my Galaxy watch but fails the test from Samsung. I’ve had this problem several times before and I believe they use the Active 2 watch and it doesn’t respond the same way as the galaxy watch.

There has to be some data on this. Here’s the results from tap in GWD (it also works perfectly on my watch. I don’t know how to fix this.

I can send the GWD file to a tech at Samsung to test.

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Hi @dur1585595648,

I think you may submit a support request here with details information, they can check it at their end and bring you out with an adequate solution.


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Only thing I can think of is make sure the layer that has the tap functionality is right at the top. Also not too close to the top of the face, I have had problems in the past where taps there do not work as the default is to pull down the menu.

I can duplicate that change temp unit is hit and miss on Active 2. I’ve seen other reports of this as a cause for rejection. If you submit a bug report please ask that I be copied. If you don’t want to bother let me know and I’ll submit one.

Samsung Developer Program

Thanks all. I will submit a bug report.

Ron - I will mention your name in report. This bug has caused me to have separate versions of face in store.