Update Problem (Changing Temperature Unit)

Hi All,

I noticed a problem. My weather design, [PERSONA] Forecast works fine on my watch. After I designed on Gear Watch designer, I transferred it to my watch via sdboverbt. I uploaded the same file to the market. All of the users who updated the watchface wrote that some of the functions (dual time, changing weather unit) were not working.

I removed the version on my watch than I downloaded it from the market just like the users. Realized that the users were right. In other words, the binary that I uploaded to the market and the binary that the market submits to the users are not the same file.

The interesting point is that in the first version I published, everything was working normally in the version my users downloaded from Galaxy Store. The issue is occurred after update.

I tested on Gear S3, Galaxy watch and galaxy watch active 2. All of them are ok. I registered these tpk files 4 times and was rejected. I wasted too much time. I have nothing to do to solve users’ problems at this point.

BTW I received a lot of negative comments due to an error that I was not responsible for in this process. The score of my app has dropped too much.

Is there anyone having similar problem?

Thanks in advance.

What I would do . if I was you is go back to the original version, which had no problems ,download it to the watch and test it.
If everything is right , then make the required changes you want to make save it as different version and TEST it for atleast for a day.
After everything seems to be right, upload that version
That should solve that problem(I think somewhere the versions have got mixed up)