Webinar: WOW! Submitting A Great Mobile Device UI Themes Portfolio

Want to see your custom designs on Galaxy phones around the world? The first step to becoming a Samsung UI themes designer is to submit your concept artwork for review.

Learn what it takes to make a great Samsung UI themes portfolio and increase your chances of passing the submission review. Join Samsung’s Senior Developer Evangelist Tony Morelan and learn about cohesive design techniques, app icons, backgrounds, colors, and the top reasons for getting rejected.

Pass the review. Gain access to the Themes Studio tool. Design and build Samsung UI themes. Sell to the world.

Join us for this essential webinar and learn how to get started. Register here: https://zoom.us/webinar/register/8215801598003/WN_e6LG7Wl_TgaSKuFib7Xs8g

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Smartphone para mim tem que ser Samsung, não aceito outra marca

When I try to view this webinar it tells me i do not have permission. 3 questions…

  1. how do i get access to view the webinar?
  2. when is the next one?
  3. when is the next time frame you all are taking applications for theme designer?

thank you.

You should be redirected to the registration page when you first click on the link. This is a different registration than the Samsung Account sign in.
Ty a Control Refresh of the page, if it still doesn’t redirect you to a registration page open the link in an incognito window.

Be sure to view this tutorial blog as well as view the webinar.

Next time frame for Applications is April 15th.

Samsung Developer Program

Followed all of the suggestions in that Webinar, made everything from scratch, submitted what i thought was a well designed unique theme and got the same generic rejected mail this morning. Anyway, will probably try again, just wish we got more info on why it is being rejected if we follow all the guidelines. Anyway, is what it is.

I think almost everyone gets the same generic rejection the first time. It does not always mean you are rejected. If the rejection asks for further information provide it quickly or you will have to start over in the next application time frame.

Samsung Developer Program

Thank you Ron, will find out and have a look, appreciate the answer!