Weekday is truncated when setting device's language to Arabic

My couple of watch faces rejected again and again due to Weekday is truncated when setting the device’s language to Arabic. But actually, it’s not. I used ICU format for weekdays eeeeee for weekdays and it will displays (Su, Mo, etc,.). Similar in Arabic it shows only a few words. But GWS day in Arabic displayed fully (Might be a Bug).


Now, I used eee instead of eeeeee and resubmitted. If I use ICU format eeeeee with multi-language support, they treated like truncated text. Please let them aware of this.

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I have been exactly the same. I have opted to remove support for the Arabic language because I need to release it now, but another watch face of mine from this week has been approved. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Did you try ccc and did that work?

Please report this as a support request so the team can check. This may be a bug in GWS or in the library.

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