Welcome to the Samsung Developers Forum - banner how to turn it off?

Hi All,

I bit OFF TOP, but every time I visit the WFS forum, I get this Welcome to the Samsung Developers Forum banner.
Then I press the Close “button” in the right top hand corner, with the hope to don’t see it again, but the banner appears at every visit again.
I know it is a minor thing, but very annoying.
I’ve been “welcomed” so many times that I start to get sick of it :wink:
Does anyone have that same issue?
If yes, can we have this please added to the web page’s source code to remember that this is not my first visit?

Thanks in advance

I have it too. I suspected my restricting cookie settings caused this, but might be something else.
I asked for the way to remove it long ago and was pleased when the close button was added.
Did not dare to bother again with something, that might be on my side :slight_smile: .

I’ve checked few other web browsers and the case is the same, so I don’t think it is something on the user’s side. But I am happy to test it if someone will advise what and where to turn on/off.

Rather, there is no option to turn it off permanently, there is only an option to hide in the current session. That’s how they planned it and at the moment, as forum members, we will not do anything about it.

Use Firefox and the extension Adblock Pro en select to block an element on the website

Thanks for the clarification.
In this case topic closed.

We use Discourse Software and that is how it is. Topic closed.