WFS and new One Plus Watch 2 - Incompatible watch faces

Hello Everyone,

I am receiving reports from some users regarding the inability to install watch faces (only Smart Mode) on the new “One Plus Watch 2” device.

For example:

The watch faces were created with WFS version 1.4.2 and later, with the new Watch Face Format required by Wear OS 4.

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to fix this side?

Thank you.

It looks like One Plus Watch 2 runs Wear4 in Smart Mode and RTOS in power saving mode. Check out the One Plus Watch 2 specs

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From my experience smart mode is a hybrid of both wearOS and the rtos, which only uses wearOS when required. Power saving mode simply shuts down the wearOS side until you enable it again with a reboot. I don’t know how to distinguish what makes a watchface work with the rtos without giving the above error, which also comes up if you try to add a 3rd party complication to a compatible watchface, but I had hoped faces with the newest watch face format would solve that issue. I am happy to help test any ideas you might have on my watch if you come across something that enables the ability to use the rtos side.

This is highly confusing. Wasn’t the purpose of the Watch Face Format to achieve battery enhancements like this? I would have bet that RTOS relies on the Watch Face Format and nothing else.

Maybe there is some undocumented restriction? Like your watch face is not allowed to use images in ambient mode/AOD?

The error message hints at too many lit pixels:

[…] and reduce the lifespan of the screen if your watch is in AOD mode.

If I had a One Plus Watch 2 myself, I would create a minimal watchface in Watch Face Studio 1.6.9 and check if this error happens there too.

there is more information here

OnePlus 2 Watch
features our self-developed Dual-Engine Architecture powered by two different flagship chipsets — the Snapdragon W5 Gen 1 Wearable Platform , which runs demanding tasks, like running your favorite Google apps, and another Efficiency Chipset, which runs RTOS and handles background activity and simple tasks.

It goes on to say it will go 100 hours without a charge in Smart Mode but only 2 Days of Heavy use mode.

It appears to me it has a couple more features in Smart Mode than Wear OS Watch only mode.

Anyway this is probably getting off topic if you want to discuss it more can you open a new Thead it does relate to Watch Face Studio.

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