What do you think of coupon sites?

This is for the seasoned watch face hawkers out there but I was wondering about your thoughts on the various coupon sites where you can upload coupons and get your faces out there. I personally have noticed that although all the coupons are scooped up in a matter of hours, it doesn’t necessarily translate into downloads? What gives? Are people just grabbing coupons and not even using them? If that’s the case…that’s pretty lame.



The theory behind coupons is that people download your watch faces and improves your download ranking and makes your watch face more visible in the lists.

I’m pretty sure that Play Store like Galaxy Store has an algorithm where coupons won’t count as downloads anymore.

Having said that I believe that there are people that do scoop them up and then try to resell them.

Samsung Developer Relations


Yeah, I was thinking that too except I can’t even sell mine at rock bottom prices so I can’t imagine they’d be able to! :grinning: :grinning: