What is a binary and how do I find it, then how do I upload it

Super new to this. I don’t even know where to start with a binary. What, where and how are my 3 main questions.


The binary is the .aab file in the workspace you created for the Watchface project.

You build the project to create it
Pancake menu upper right corner of WFS
Project → Build
or F-10

You will need an Author Certificate (the Samsung one works) and a User Key you will need to create that.

See this documentation. It also links to the developer.android wearable documentation.

Samsung Developer Relations

I have no .aab file in my workspace folder at all. Where can I found binary file for uploading to google play.

I used WFS Mac version.
I have only 2files in the 1 folder at the same folder as my WFS file after “build”.

  • mytest.wfs
  • mytest(folder) \ com.watchfacestudio.Test_mytest_debug.apk

That is all I got after build.
Where Can I find .aab file?

Click on the 3 bar pancake menu in the upper left corner of WFS
Select Preferences and see where that points too.
If it isn’t there then on a Mac look in
/Users/User Name/Library/Application Support/watchfacestudio/
See if it is in a folder there.

Samsung Developer Relations