What is the use of selecting Bitmap Font option?

In Watch Face Studio there is an option under TEXT APPEARANCE for choosing between TrueType Font or Bitmap Font, am wondering when to select Bitmap Font rather than TrueType Font ?
any help please :slight_smile:

Hello if you choose TrueType Font you have abilitiy to resize and change color ,if you choose Bitmap you must use photoshop to make it but you canโ€™t resize or change colors after in watch face designer.

You can also resize (with worse graphics) and change colors (considering youโ€™re not using black pngs)

I think the experts have answered this but my two bits.
See this Galaxy Watch Studio tutorial for many uses for Bitmap Fonts. Not all of them (weather in particular) will not apply to WFS but many things do.

By the way when looking for an answer for this I found a blog on using Android Studio for Galaxy Watch notifications that may answer some of your other questions. They do not apply for Watch Face Studio only Android Studio.

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That made everything super clear for me , Thank you for your support