Font text color

What should I do? If I change the font color and then while viewing the font on the watch, the font does not display properly


If the numbers have not yet been updated, the font looks normal, as soon as the numbers change, the font starts to look very bad

Are those bitmap fonts?

No, in format .ttf
If you make it in png format, then it works fine, but it is not convenient.

Or like this:


Although the color is blue

Not sure if i can help you. Maybe use png. Its there recomemded image type

Why png not convient?

I need to convert each letter .ttf to png for each font and png looks different

You could used photoshop automate or batch tff to png converters

If you make it white, everything looks almost normal. Likewise, if I use a clock font instead of the one I added separately, but if I add my font and change the color other than white, everything doesn’t work well. Maybe it’s because the language on the watch isn’t English.

Wait for @ron or other developers to answer you
They more experienced then me

Ok. Also, everything works perfectly well in Android Studio, but not well on my Galaxy Watch 4 Classic

At best, all fonts are outlined with a white or black line, even the standard ones from Watch Face Studio

The digits have an identical color in the settings, only the left ones have function “Curved text” turned on and for some reason they do not glitch on the clock

in a group together with “Curved text” everything works fine, but …

This looks like it may be a Watch Face Studio bug but first I need to know.

What WFS version are you using and on what watch are you seeing this.

Are these your created Fonts

Can you see if this is duplicated with any of the WFS preinstalled Fonts?

Samsung Developer Relations

Version 1.5.7

Galaxy Watch 4 Classic

The problem is the same with all fonts, mine and standard wfs

There is a topic here that has a link to download WFS 1.3.13

You can’t go from WFS 1.5.7 back to WFS 1.3.13 but if you can start a new project using that it may run correctly. If it does then I can report this as a bug in the 1.5.7 version.

Samsung Developer Relations

Ok, I’ll check it out tomorrow. Maybe the problem is that I didn’t remove the previous version when upgrading to the new one.

I found a problem if I add text that shows the heart rate, the fonts are buggy. Fonts work well if you don’t add the heart rate function.

WFS 1.5.7