What programs do you prefer?!?

Everyone has a preference on which programs they use for designing, drawing, layering… I am curious to know if my preferences need a tweeking… What type of device and what programs do you use to build your theme components before putting it together in the Theme Studio? I am almost finished my 3rd (I have not yet uploaded to the store) and I want to know if there is a better way to get it done?? Any suggestions or advice would be greatly appreciated…

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Most programs have the same features for basic theme elements, the software you use is probably more important if you do animated or video themes. Congrats on getting accepted, is your first theme a sloth? :smile:

Thanks, I was already ‘fixing’ things on my theme, thought I would be rejected for my first entry. I have been using my tablet, my laptop, unfortunately my phone is being fixed so I cant even see my work (I have a few ready to go, but don’t want to upload without seeing my work, and i’ve tried viewing it every other way). I find that I am switching between programs to get the desired look I want. Just wanted to know if there was a program that had it all!

You can test them on the Remote Test Lab, not as convenient as your phone though. Unless you are on the 3.0 beta you would only be able to test the 2020 theme on your phone. I use an image template that shows me what a wallpaper would like look on the the different phone models, which helps in making sure important aspects of the wallpaper can be see on all models.

RTL: https://developer.samsung.com/remotetestlab/rtlDeviceList.action

I completely forgot about that… i had saw it but wanted to finish it, thank you for reminding me!!! hmm, by chance do you know (step by step and not the steps the manual states) how to get the 9 patch image your answersto work? I got it once but had accidently clicked the wrong coloured bg that I wanted…

how long have you been doing this for? i have seen you answer other posts and the way you articulate your answers always seem to make sense. I need you a click away lol.

I must be doing something incorrectly… would not work on my tablet, or my laptop. I will set up my computer tomorrow and try. So frustrating… I am almost tempted just to upgrade so I can get my phone back, taking forever to get fixed. I really do appreciate the advice…