What works and what doesnt on other Wear OS Devices from WPS


I’m finding i am just excluding the 25 or so devices when I upload my .aab and including just Samsung Devices. I would like to understand what happens when you for example give the users the ability to change shortcuts and complications does this work on other Wear Devices ?

For example I add Small Image which allows comps/shortcuts what happens for other wear devices?
Short text and long text gives users the option to add weather for example what would happens to other wear devices ?

I’ve had so many failed submissions now I just don’t want to include other devices if these options dont work.

WFS is a tool for all Wear OS Powered by Samsung Devices and you should be able to include others without any issue. There is a glitch with OPPO watches that will be fixed in a version coming soon but until then you need to exclude them.

Samsung Developer Relations

Ron, excluding this device does not solve the problem.
Moreover, OPPO devices are listed as reasons for failure, even if they are excluded from the device list.


That wasn’t the question. :slight_smile:

The question is will the complications and such work on Non Samsung Wear OS watches.

Watch faces made using WFS can be downloaded and installed for any Wear OS watch devices, regardless of manufacturer, as long as the device targets Wear 2.0 (API level 28) or higher.

Samsung Developer Relations