"The app is available on some of my devices"

I uploaded the watch face to Google Play store.

And I found it to be different from other watch faces.

Other users will see something like this:
“The app is available all my devices”

What’s the reason? am i missing something?

It is not compatible with your phone, but with your watch if it supports Wear OS Powered by Samsung.

Thank you sir. So What devices are powered by samsung?
Do you mean the 37 watches that appear in the device catalog?

Yes. Among others, the Galaxy Watch 4 and the Galaxy Watch 4 Classic.

Does this mean that apps made with Watch Face Studio will only work on the Galaxy Watch?
In other words, won’t it work on devices like fossil 6 ?

The Fossil 6 is supported according to the device catalogue

WFS Overview
Watch faces made using WFS can be downloaded and installed for any Wear OS watch devices, regardless of manufacturer, as long as the device targets Wear 2.0 (API level 28) or higher.

Some devices have updated to API Level 28 and newer but that does require newer hardware and most older watches won’t have that.

Samsung Developer Relations

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I uploaded a second watch face with added heart rate display.
this time The message “There are no devices available to use the app” is displayed.
Users can’t use my app? What could be the reason?

You may have selected all Smart Watches and not just the ones updated to Wear OS Powered by Samsung or more likely this is the idiocy of the Play Store Read this thread but it is a long one with some Rabbit holes.

Samsung Developer Relations