Where I can fix it? On Calendar

I don’t know where to fix this problem! And I don’t have a Galaxy Z Fold to test! Someone help me? Do you know where to fix this?

I don’t have one either so don’t know for sure. Looks to be a 30% opacity of the color you used for the word “Month”. Try increasing the brightness of that color. Otherwise, just remove the Fold devices from the binary list like a lot of people do, there are many issues with the Fold and Flip that cant be fixed with the tool :frowning:


Impossible to fix with GTS. It’s missing color string “common_actionbar_tablet_view_selector_button_text_color” and it use #252525 with 50% opacity. But occurs only on Fold and Fold Z 2, because they use Tablet View Modus of Calendar App. It can be only fixed with App Update

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I’m Already excluding F-Series for very this reason.
Hope they will update Calendar App as early they can.

I found the Issue. Don’t leave Common > Tab > Unselected tab text color default. Change to color. If you leave it default, the default Calendar App unselected color 80252525 will be applied.

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