Why Devie Test when change App Description/Where to Sell?

Does anybody know why Samsung make most times a Device Test if I change something little like changing something in the App Description or where I sell it?

  • If what you want is not to sell in Russia you must follow these steps:
  1. update the application you want that does not
    appear in a certain country.

  2. on the side panel on the left touch where it says
    (country / region & price)

  3. At the top there is a red button that says simple, touching it will go to advanced mode.

  4. After doing these, a list will appear with all the countries where your application will be distributed.

  • in this way you can cancel the distribution of your application in the country you want.

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If you are changing from free to paid your apps will go through approval process.

If you don’t want people in Russia to buy your apps, just increase the price, so that no one would pay that amount.

hi @Redacted my explanation works for paid and free applications.
I think it is the best solution …

Of course you think your solution is the best solution, it’s not the only one though. It is always good to have alternative options. My solution avoids having the faces tested.

I have not said that your solution is not good, I only suggest that you do not do that solution because if a customer buys it at an exaggerated price it could create problems …
example: a Russian customer buys the application for 100 usd thinking that it is a super sclusive thing, the test realizes that it has nothing special and misspells the application and says (that the designer is a scammer not to buy it) later request a refund …
the effect you could get is that you get more negative reviews from that country.

In no case would I want to offend you and give you unnecessary advice …
Look at it from the other side: I live and work in Russia, but I rarely receive such comments from this country, as well as from other countries too.
With only five countries leading the way in digital content purchases, don’t waste one of them.
Take a hard look at your content.
Perhaps you are doing something wrong?!

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Hey. Sorry for my late reply I was sleep :smiley:
And yeah in my last around 3-4 years in the Galaxy App Store I also had used both strategies. (at begin watch faces - now apps like GearKeyboard, WatchLight, GearTower)
Both are good - both are working and both have there downsides.

So for example many people wrote me that they can not longer find the app which they bought a year ago and want then a refund etc. (This happened when you unselect the app in Sales under “Country/Region & Price” - because most people just search for it normal with the search in the Galaxy App Store and they don’t look under “My Apps” in Galaxy App Store)

On the other side it is exactly like you also said that if the price is so damn high most people are pissed of when they buy something for around +10$ and it isn’t something special. For me in most cases it was a working way to mark a App as “OLD” or “Not working” etc in the App title and make the price of the app/watchface high and then after a year or so to delete the country from the “Country/Region & Price” Site. (So that the seller profile in the Galaxy App Store have not many apps which markes with “OLD” etc. :wink: )

But I think we all need to find a good way for us personal… There isn’t a perfect way I think.
But thank you all for the help :slight_smile:

Oh and I have deleted now the background Story I had wrote - because it was just to understand what my Problem was.
Because I was meaning that sometimes I change a Screenshot in the App store or changing something in the App Description or in the Price it goes through the whole testing process which need sometimes 1-6 days. And this even if I didn’t change the binary…

Yeah sorry if you feel offended from the background story… I also have many great comments in Russia. (like in GearKeyboard or some other apps)
I personal like Russian (people) a lot and was there already there sometimes in vacation and for business trips of my main job. (As Background, I am from Germany so it is not a long Flight to Russia with a Plane :slight_smile: )

It was just that sometimes complicated applications are there hard to understand because many people who bought an app just speak/wrote Russian. (Or just don’t want to write English) And through this whole translate process (and my english is also not perfect :stuck_out_tongue: ) it is sometimes really complicated which leads sometimes that people are really pissed of… (Which I absolutely understand but anyway some are too aggressive…)

It was just as the background story because I removing the complicated apps from the countries which speak mostly just Russian.
Anyway as I have now write in the topper comment it was just meant as the background story where it was really annoying that some apps were a longer time in Device Test etc…

Yes, I think it is a program that we must accept, regarding the time it takes to review the updates, you must write the changes you made, in the photo I indicated where you should write it, it works for me …

Yeahhh I also do this - sometimes they look at it but also sometimes not… :confused:

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Images and Text have to be checked even if the binary isn’t changed. Some countries have moral standards that may be violated in some pictures and someone might try to put a improper link in a description. So if you change countries all have to be reviewed again. The only thing I’m aware of that doesn’t need to be reviewed is the price changes.

Samsung Developer Program

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Ahhhh, thanks a lot! :slight_smile: