Why I am Recieving Emails From Samsung Qualtiy Assurance Team Directly


Dear Forum Moderatiors

i am having this issue of recieveing an email directly from Korea Samsung Quality Assurance team repeatedly of issues that ihave already fixed and one said representative is emailing me repeatedly to fix me issues.

The said watch face update was live after being rebuilt with Samsung Watch Face Studio 1.6.9 on 20 May. and this email address keeps sending me messages of issues that no longer exist .

After rebuilt the watchface format migrated automatically to new watch face format.so thais reason for sending me email is not correct.

Doesnt Google PlayStore Developer come under Google Wear OS Team. It is not that im releasing watchfaces on Galaxy Store in China.

Was not Google Play Store Wear OS Team enough with their incompetence that now the alleged Samsung Quality Assurance team that tests watch faces starts constantly sending me email messages about watchfaces that inhave already fixed???.

I would like to know if these emails sent to me are legit otherwise i block this email address.


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I also received an email from the Samsung Team a few weeks ago…

They asked me to fix some things on an old watch face so that it was fully compatible with the new Watch 7…

I updated it with WFS 1.6.9 and after I haven’t heard from them anymore…

I think that Samsung has set up a team that monitors the Watch Faces available on the Play Store so that they are totally compatible with the next GW7 to minimize the dissatisfaction of new users.

Ultimately it’s a good thing that they sent you that message so you can rush and fix any bugs…

However, I don’t understand why they keep telling you to fix certain things if you’ve already done them…

If they didn’t switch to Wear OS and stayed on their ecosystem with Tizen, they would have had a better night’s sleep.