Why Samsung limited 100 watch faces per watch

Now a days many users download a watch face and they don’t see it, as Samsung WearApp put those into downloaded section instead of putting newer on the watch and remove older one many users send me email about this issue as they Installed the watch face but can’t see where it goes. I guess Samsung should make it bit easier for end user as they are not so nerdy tech explorer that they will open WearApp now will go to download section and get their newly downloaded face.


Totally agree.

Everyday I have to reply to the same emails for this issue.

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I really don’t understand this myself as the new behavior is exactly the same as it is on a mobile device. No one complains about that and it would seem logical for new users to assume the same over all user experience for all Android devices.

Having said that, Good News today Tony Morelan’s blog How to install watch faces on One UI 4.5 watches was released.

You might want to change your bundled mobile apps and watch description to help buyers.

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One of the many examples:

Anyway, thanks to Tony for his efforts.

The user should download the Watch Face and find it immediately active on his watch… Exactly like it happened on Tizen.

Although we write instruction helps on store listing, most users don’t read those instructions.

Every day we receive emails or negative feedback because the “normal” user cannot view the downloaded Watch Face. There is a need to make things simpler.


Most users don’t even read description as they don’t have this much time to spend on reading, and about users to be angry is simple when they were used to of something u suddenly change it now they don’t like the new thingy which supposed to make things easier but you guys make it more complicated why they need to open Wear App and then watch faces section and then go down to download section for getting a watch face :confused: doesn’t understand how is it helping :confused: when it was simple before just install and get newly watch face on your watch without going through this much.

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We don’t have any control over Google Play Store. I’ll listen to your complaints and totally understand but there isn’t anything Samsung can do that would probably be illegal.

I think Google is trying to make it so Pixel Watch users get the same Android downloading experience that they would get with a Pixel (or Samsung) mobile device.

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Ohh, I thought it’s Samsung’s doing as WearApp is handling things and also limit to 100 watch faces were part of OneUI 4.5 i guess before there was no downloaded section in Wear App as far as I know :slight_smile:

Actually the Wear OS wearable is much better now that the Tizen wearables

Previously all factory watch faces were added to the favorites and no way to remove them. Now you can remove them and have just the ones you want as favorites (like adding an app to the home screen). You can add and remove them at will.

It would be nice if when searching on the device that the “More” watch faces put the new downloads first.

There is a memory limit to the number that can be installed on a Watch at any one time so there may be a limit to LTE watches I don’t know about that.

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