Users reporting app they had paid for now missing

I have had reports from users who had paid for one of my apps, but they can’t re-download/re-install the app any more (this is for a Tizen watch app from the Galaxy Store and the app is still available for purchase from the store).

What’s even more strange is that one of the users even tried to contact Samsung support and they couldn’t/wouldn’t help and just said that they should contact the developer (me). But surely, I don’t even have access to individual purchases, let alone have the ability to remove an app from a users purchase history - clearly that’s the responsibility of the Galaxy Store. So what’s going on here?

Make sure they user didn’t change Galaxy Watch to Galaxy Watch4 I’ve seen people report that thinking they should get the older watch. If you have a similar watch offer them a coupon for good customer relations.

There was a “feature” in the store that once a watch face was downloaded it no longer showed in the store. But it was in the Galaxy Store App for new purchases.

To download a previous purchase they should open the Galaxy Store app, click on the menu on the bottom right corner. Click on the Watch Tab at top and the old watch faces should be available for downloading.

Samsung Developer Relations