1.Galaxy watch studio does not connect to galaxy watch

Hi everyone,
i can’t connect the watch to galaxy watch studio
i have this problem when i connect my watch to galaxy watch studio in macOS catalina …
this is the error: java.io.IOException: error=13, Permission denied

You need to download the SDB app that comes with Tizen Studio. The version with GWS does not work with Catalina. A newer version of GWS will be out later this month that works with macOS Big Sur and that should have the updated SDB.

Here is how to get the Tizen Studio version.

install Tizen studio 3.3 and note where it installs to.
Open the location of Tizen Studio “tizen-studio” folder.
Open the “tools” folder within this folder.
Note the “sdb” program
Now find your GalaxyWatchDesigner in the MacOS Applications folder.
Right click on the file and choose “Show package contents”
Open the “tizen” folder
Open the “tools” folder
Drag the Tizen Studio sdb version of the file and drop in in the tools folder of the package tools folder overwriting the other sdb file.
Close the package
Now you run the designer, it will connect without the sdb error.
Keep a copy of this good sdb file in a safe place just in case you need to do this again after the next update.

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