GWS on Mac, problem to Run on device!

I have tried everything but I can’t get the Mac to find my Galaxy Watch3.

Is there any special tricks for Mac?


Yes I assume you have Catalina, and the debugging tool that came with GWS is broke. You have to download Tizen Studio for Mac and use the sdb from that. I expected an update of GWS that has the newer SDB available last week but now I don’t know what the hold up was.

If you want to wait that is the easiest otherwise…

install Tizen studio and note where it installs to.
Open the location of Tizen Studio “tizen-studio” folder.
Open the “tools” folder within this folder.
Note the “sdb” program
Now find your GalaxyWatchDesigner in the MacOS Applications folder.
Right click on the file and choose “Show package contents”
Open the “tizen” folder
Open the “tools” folder
Drag the Tizen Studio sdb version of the file and drop in in the tools folder of the package tools folder overwriting the other sdb file.
Close the package
Now you run the designer, it will connect without the sdb error.
Keep a copy of this good sdb file in a safe place just in case you need to do this again after the next update.

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Actually I have Mojave. Is it the same routine with that?


Thanks very much! Now it finds my Watch.

One question: Do I need Author Certification to Run on device? Isn’t that for if I want to upload to Store?


Hi Daniel,

Yes and no. You only need a distributor certificate to run on the device that tells the watch who made the app. You only need an Author’s certificate to upload to the store.
But you need both to build a binary tpk.

The Author certificate is very easy to get there is no issues for that.

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