About SamSung Health SDK for iOS

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This is Mohamed Mansoor, I am an iOS application developer, I would like to use the Samsung health SDK for one of my iOS application.

But unfortunately I didn’t find any SDK for iOS, could you please help me to know how we can achieve this integration in iOS platform?

My requirement is getting the data from Samsung galaxy watch5 pro and I am planning to do this implementation in iOS Native development, kindly please help me for the same.

Eagerly waiting for your reply.


Samsung Health with Galaxy Watch4 and Galaxy Watch5 use Wear Health Services for data.

Here are some links to help you
Health Connect
Health Services
Health Platform API

**Using Health from Galaxy Watch4 training **

Regarding Samsung Health itself it is a proprietary algorithm and to access it’s components you must apply for and be a Samsung Health partner for access to the privileged health SDK . You can apply for that HERE

Hope this helps you.

Samsung Developer Relations

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Hi, I have a doubt, yet. There is some SDK from Samsung Health to IOS or the way is to use the Google features suggested above?

Samsung Health is an App that uses the Wear Health Services data.

If your iOS device includes Google Services it should be able to use the Wear Health Services data.

There is a premier partner for Samsung Health in the US (maybe Europe now) that allows other health or fitness apps to interact with Samsung Health and I would assume that is available in some form for iOS developers if they are partners.

Samsung Developer Relations

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