About the issue of receive payment

I have received email for financial report, but it doesn’t match with Sales Summary.

  • All transactions that occurred in the past month may not be included in the financial report because the settlement period may vary depending on the country and/or payment method.
    Can it be accumulated in the next month?

If you go to the Financial Report on the portal Accounting tab, you can download the Excel version of the data. There is more info in this spreadsheet than in the table or email, including data on when every individual app was sold, for how much, and when it was settled.

In my spreadsheet for December, I have transactions dating back to May 2021. So you can see it can take months for Samsung to be able to settle with some service providers.

When you add a paid app, there is a check box to “Check All (Apply Phone Bill)”. If you turn this on, customers can pay for the app and have it billed to their phone bill, which means a delay in you getting payment, because the service provider has to collect their payment abefore they can pass it on to Samsung.